The Tea Party beliefs are channeled towards achieving certain elements in life. It is a movement that has been established with the aim pursuing life, liberty and happiness. This movement reflects on the United States’ Constitution and the article “Declaration of Independence”. One great thing about the Tea Party Movement is that it does not lock the doors for certain people, but instead all people are welcomed to join the participation.
tea party beliefs
The movement has Tea Party beliefs that are fundamentally meant to assist in the achievement of the Movement’s goals.

Various Tea Party beliefs essential in achieving the goals

One of the Tea Part Beliefs is focused on the taxes and it states eliminating excessive taxes. This is because the Movement feels that excessive taxes are too much of a burden for the citizens. It argues that the excessive taxes are a hindrance to prosperity and hard work. This reflects on the fact that the government should provide its citizens from exploitation in order to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Thus, the government should ease the burden of taxes from its citizens through making them reasonable and bearable.
The second belief stated that the national debt should be eliminated. The belief argues that if the fiscal conservative policies are implemented, then it would be easy for the government to do away with the national debt. If this is not dealt with, the burden of national debt will be passed on to the future generations, thus hindering economic growth. The third belief works towards eliminating deficit spending. The Movement fights for the idea that deficit spending has to be eliminated immediately. This calls for the maintenance of a fiscally responsible budget by the government.

Additional information on the Movement’s beliefs

The fourth of the Tea Party beliefs states that the free markets need to be protected. The movement insists that the free markets should be allowed to operate without the government’s interference. If this is observed, it will make it easier for the businesses to thrive in the competition that exists in the open market places.
Moreover, the Movement does go against the law and this brings in the fifth belief. This belief insists that the citizens should abide by the Constitution of the United States. Without the existence of law and order, everything would have been in chaos. The great author Abraham Lincoln came up with a quote “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution”.

Conclusion on the beliefs

Another belief states that the government should promote civic responsibility. This gives the citizens of the US to have a say in the operations of the government. It also helps in directing the political behaviors of the representatives. Reducing the overall size of the government is another one of the Tea Party beliefs. The movement insists on this belief because with the reduced government representatives, the nation’s spending will be reduced as well.

It is important for the public to clearly know their candidates and this is the reason as to why the list of the GOP candidates 2016. There are different views that have been developed towards the two political parties in the United States. They include the Democratic and Republican Parties. When two or more parties are in place, this means that there will be varying preferences, and the same applies to the political environment in the United States.
GOP candidates 2016
Some reporters have indicated that currently, the Democrats are more popular than the Republicans. This article will outline the different GOP candidates 2016, while focusing on their information.

Information on the GOP candidates 2016

According to Donald Kaul, he feels that the political world of the Republicans is at stake and this will result in more problems. He argues that this is a result of their contest being almost similar to the New York Marathon. This brings in the question on how the voters can pick one of the GOP candidates 2016 that they seem to be more representative. Donald outlines that the missions and the ambitions of the candidates are almost, and this poses some difficulty for many of the voters on distinguishing the candidates from one another.
However, this should no longer be a problem as this will be made clear in this article with the help of Donald Kaul. When it comes to the Republican candidates, one of them is Jeb Bush. He is a former governor of Florida. Moreover, he is the last person of the Bush dynasty. However, this does not only contribute to his fame. Reports have indicated that Jeb Bush appears slow when it comes to immigrants. This has been linked to his wife’s origins; Mexico.

Additional information on the Republican candidates

The second candidate is Carly Fiorina, who is the former CEO of Hewlett Packard. She is the only woman vying for the presidential seat with a ticket for the Republican Party. She feels competent standing against Hillary Clinton, who is a representative of the Democratic Party. Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky, is also up for the presidential race. He is mainly interested in ending the nuclear wars with Iran and this has been the driving force of SEO for his campaign.
The unexpected candidate of all is Ben Carson. He is a well-known surgeon and at the same, an inspirational book writer. However, he has decided to try out politics and many people he is fit for the presidential seat because he has the brains.

Conclusion on the Republican candidates

Another well-known candidate is Lindsey Graham, who is a senator from South Carolina. He feels confident in the position because he is aiming at addressing the international problem, which is yet to be handled fully by the US troops. Marco Rubio is at the same level with John F. Kennedy from the Democratic Party. He is a senator from Florida and it aims at dealing with problems faced by the immigrants. Donald Kaul feels that Marco would be have been the best partner for Bush, only that they come from the same estate.

Many people have a lot of anticipation for the presidential race 2016 because everyone wants to see his/her favorite candidate winning the presidential elections. Unlike most of the countries across the globe, the citizens of the United States will have to select presidential electors who will in turn elect a new president.
presidential race 2016 Many opinion polls firms have taken the initiative to conduct surveys in order to determine the various opinions that the public has towards the presidential candidates.

A review of the presidential race 2016 in the US

The presidential race 2016 will be held on Tuesday, November 8th and according to the political history of the US, this election will be the 58th. Currently, the presidential seat is being held by President Barack Obama, who has been is the seat for two terms now. According to the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, he is not eligible to be elected for the third term. This gives room for the other candidates to try their luck. Basically, there are two political sides in the US; the Republicans and Democrats. This enhances the stiff competition and this gives spices up the political environment.
However, certain requirements have to be fulfilled in order for one to eligible for the presidential race 2016. This is according to the Article Two of the United States Constitution. First, the candidate has to be a natural-born citizen of the US, must be at least 35 years old and a resident of the United States for a period not less than 14 years. Moreover, a candidate has to be registered with a political party in order to vie for the presidency. Many candidates may end up in one political party, thus the party has come up with ways to choose only one candidate to enter the race.

Additional information on the upcoming presidential elections

On the side of the Republicans, the candidates include Jed Bush, Carson, Walker, Christie, Palin, Pataki and the rest. On the other hand, are the Democrats whose candidates are Biden, Chafee, Warren, Sanders, Webb, Clinton, Cuomo and O’Malley. President Barack Obama will complete his final term on January 20, 2017. Gallup has reported that based on the ratings on President Obama, this is an indication that the Democratic Party will still do well in the presidential race 2016.
Many online forums have been started with the aim of getting the views from the public pertaining the candidates up for the presidential race.

Conclusion on the presidential race

With the many candidates up for the race, this means that they will have to compete for the Republican and Democratic nominations. At the same time, polls are being done with the aim of determining the populace of the candidates. This entails comparing candidates amongst themselves to determine the candidate with a lot of fame among the public. If one is interested in the presidential race news, there are many news sources that one can utilize in order to be updated about the events of the day.

People have different preferences for conservative news sources. This is as a result of the varying content that each source offers to the public. Moreover, the distinction is brought about the self-identification that each source creates for itself. The conservative news sources have a lot to offer to the public, such as entertainment, political news, media culture and much more. From a general perspective, these news sources are meant to keep the public updates on the various issues across the globe as well as the trends.
conservative news sources
In this article, a list of the different conservative news sources will be provided, though not all of them will be covered as they are too many to mention.

Various conservative news sources

Some of the sources are websites, while some of them are physically established media houses. The step on developing news sites has been very effective. This is because many people are able to access the news across the globe, opposed to the media houses that are limited within their localities or national boundaries. A good example of the conservative news sources id Right Wing News. This is a site that basically focuses on the opinions that the public gives related to a particular matter in discussion.
Accuracy in Media is a media that has seen tremendous growth over the years. It can be abbreviated as AIM and it operates around three principles; accuracy, balance and fairness. Conservative news sources major in spreading the news about conservancy. This news source is dated back to 1969 when it was founded by Reed Irvine. AIM has in its operations the Accuracy in America and it also operates the American Journalism Center. Among the well-known news sources, is the New York Times that prints news on different matters.

Details of the conservative sites

One of the conservative sites is the Drudge Report, which is a collection of many other links. However, it has man criticism from the public because most of them argue that it tends to lean on the right. It does not clearly focus on the negative issues in the society. Despite all these, the Drudge Report has hosted many of the conservatives that aim at the liberals. Based on the conservative rating, it has a rating of 4 out of 5 and this can be attributed to the large numbers of unique visitors on a monthly basis.

other details on the conservative sites

National Review Online is another conservative site. It is similar to the conservative magazine, but the difference is only the National Review is an online version. The site features commentary, news and opinions. Most of the opinions featured are based on the political happenings of the day.
The TownHall has been ranked as one of the best conservative news sources. It features political analysis and commentary. This site makes it efficient for the conservatives to air their opinions pertaining the political situation across the globe. It has a conservative rating of 4 out 5.